Thursday, September 13, 2012

Surprise in Canal Vell

Raül Aymí and me started our 'round' on the nets about 7:30. Like every day, basically Reed Warblers in the nets 1 to 7. Later, more scripaceus in the nets 11 and 12... but in the 13th net, we saw a diferent Warbler, with a well pronounced supercilium and, also, a fantastic median crown-stripe... Yes!, an Aquatic Warbler (Acrocephalus paludicola) trapped on the mist-net!

The Aquatic Warbler is a 'regular rarity' in Catalonia, with a few citacions every year; more common in the spring migration. This autumn, is the third bird trapped in Canal Vell, the first and the second by David Bigas and Yago Brugnoli, respectively, during the August.

Aquatic Warblers moult like the majority of european Acrocephalus: a partial postjuvenile and postnuptial moult and a complete moult in the wintering areas. Our bird was an adult. 1cy show the tipically colour yellow in nearly the whole plumage, but the adults haven't this yellow colour. Also, adults show a wear plumage; that obtained in the prebreeding moult in Africa last winter.

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